OZ1600 Ultra Broadband Fiber Optic Transceiver Offers Extraordinary Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) for RF over Fiber Applications.

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Integral Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) Assures Consistent RF Performance over Wide Range of Ambient Temperature in Uncontrolled Environments.

Van Nuys, CA – June 14, 2010 — Optical Zonu Corporation (OZC), a leading supplier of modules for analog and digital signal transmission over optical fiber [CATV, RF over Fiber, SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet and Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM)], announced the introduction of its OZ1600 Ultra Broadband Optical Transceiver for RF over Fiber Optics Links. This new Transceiver is designed for operation up to 7 GHz with exceptionally flat frequency response. It is packaged in a rugged dust-tight Cast Metal Housing with optional Integral WDM for duplex transmission on one SMF-28 Single Mode Fiber.

Key attributes of the new product include: operation from 20MHz to 7GHz, high SFDR (excellent noise performance and high linearity), very stable gain, flat frequency response, extended temperature range of operation, and rugged simple modular package. Since the Analog RF Parameters of Laser transmission depend upon the operating temperature of the Laser diode itself, Transceivers such as the OZ1600 utilize a TEC that locks the temperature of the Laser at a constant level, stabilizing the Laser Wavelength, Optical Power and Relative Intensity Noise (RIN). Our state of the art transceiver operates over a broad range of temperatures (-20°C to +65°C) with gain variation of less than 2 dB.

“These linear RF over Fiber Transceivers allow physical separation of RF systems components that cannot be achieved using coaxial cable or transmission lines,” said Soyola Baasan, Director of Sales at OZC. “They offer significant improvements in the transport of RF signals in their native format reliably over many optical networks and across a broad range of frequencies. Applications that benefit most from this technology include antenna “remoting”, Satcom, GPS distribution, DAS, distributed emitter systems, timing and frequency signal transmission over optical fiber that requires low phase noise, Wi-Max, 4G LTE or any other application that requires sending RF signals over optical fiber reliably and in very stable form despite ambient temperature variation.”

The standard optical connector is the SC/APC (FC/APC is also available) for low back reflection applications like analog video and long haul digital data transmission. The optional multimode fiber compatible version is also available upon request.

The base OZ1600 unit is priced depending upon the specification of options and unit volume (contact the factory for details) and is available 6 to 8 weeks ARO.

About Optical Zonu Corporation: – OZC, privately owned in Los Angeles, CA, specializes in Fiber Optic Components for Analog and Digital Transmission, SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet and Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing. The leading supplier of Single Fiber, Full Duplex, CWDM Transceivers, OZC maintains a strategic relationship with NSG Group. For more information on OZC, please visit https://ozc.vmdevsite.com or call 818.780.9701.