Optical Networking Upstarts Look to Disrupt Operational Paradigm with Built-In Micro OTDR Feature.

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Metrodata Limited’s Advanced Ethernet Demarcation Devices (EDD) Are First to Natively Support Optical Zonu’s Fault Finding iSFC Transceivers

Los Angeles, CA – June 12, 2013 — Optical Zonu Corporation (OZC), a designer and manufacturer of innovative single fiber SFP Transceivers, announces Metrodata Ltd.’s firmware support of OZC’s new Fast Fiber Fault Finder iSFC® Transceiver, with built-in Micro-OTDR (uOTDR). Metrodata’s already powerful FCM9004 and FCM9002 Advanced Ethernet Demarcation Devices (EDDs) now offer automatic detection, location, and reporting of optical fiber faults when one uses Optical Zonu’s patent-pending iSFC transceivers. Metrodata is, therefore, the fiber optic industry’s first network management device manufacturer to enable a cost-collapsing paradigm shift for OpEx (Operational Expenditures) to Communication Service Providers (CSPs) and system integrators, whereby the time and equipment needed to recover from faults are considerably reduced.

metrodata-OZC-otdr_compositeEDDs are used by Communication Service Providers to configure and police a number of connection performance parameters necessary to comply with customer SLAs (Service Level Agreements). Advanced products like the FCM900x range offer configurable performance parameter thresholds, which can be monitored in-service to detect performance faults down the line. Operators of the FCM9004 can benefit greatly from the capacity to also detect and locate fiber faults via the FCM9004’s Management systems. Now, with Metrodata’s pioneering support of Optical Zonu’s Fast Fiber Fault Finder iSFC® Transceivers, operators can do just that.

“Optical Zonu’s integrated Micro-OTDR allows us to significantly enhance the FCM9004’s powerful Service-Level Management capabilities and at line-rate for Gigabit Ethernet services,” said Paul Ingram, Operations Director, Metrodata Ltd. “This is in addition to the FCM product line’s already comprehensive functionality and ‘zero-touch commissioning’ (ZTC), which Ethernet infrastructure carriers and service providers can appreciate at an attractive price-point.”

“We are very pleased to join forces with Metrodata to introduce this ‘disruptive’ and needed technology to the marketplace,” noted Mike Hartmann, VP of Sales and Marketing for Optical Zonu. “We’re talking tremendous OpEx savings from a new, seamless approach to fault finding. Using Optical Zonu’s unique iSFC transceivers and Metrodata’s FCM9004 demarcation device, service providers can now radically reduce response times and improve SLA adherence.”

Metrodata’s FCM9004 Ethernet Demarcation Device is a CPE device for which full details can be seen at Metrodata’s website, http://www.metrodata.co.uk/products/Carrier-Ethernet-Service-Delivery/fcm9004-advanced-ethernet-demarcation-device.htm. It is designed and manufactured in the U.K., comes with a standard 1 year warranty and U.K.-based technical support.

Optical Zonu’s iSFC Transceivers, with built-in Micro-OTDR, can be purchased at Optical Zonu’s website at https://ozc.vmdevsite.com/sfc/otdrsfc/. They come with a 5 year warranty and U.S.-based technical support.

About Metrodata Limited: – Founded in 1989, Metrodata offers a wide range of connectivity solutions for LAN and WAN markets.  Network Interfaces supported include those for Serial, SDH/PDH, ATM, Ethernet and Optical Fiber applications, from simple connectivity products to Managed Service Delivery Solutions for Telecoms Service Providers, Corporate Enterprises and Governmental Organizations.  Based in the United Kingdom, near London’s Heathrow Airport, Metrodata supplies customers through its sales channels worldwide.  For more information, please visit http://www.metrodata.co.uk  or call +44 (0)1784 744700.

About Optical Zonu Corporation: – OZC, privately owned in Los Angeles, CA, specializes in Fiber Optic Components for Distributed Antenna Systems – DAS, SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet and Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing.  OZC is the innovator of the iSFC® Fast Fiber Fault Finder SFP Transceivers with integrated Micro-OTDR (uOTDR). For more information, please visit https://ozc.vmdevsite.com  or call (818)780.9701.