Optical Zonu Fast Becoming ‘Go-To’ for BTS-DAS Fiber Transport Solutions

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Optical Zonu Fast Becoming ‘Go-To’ for BTS-DAS Fiber Transport Solutions

Optical Zonu’s BTS-DAS Fiber Transport provides a seamless and universal connection between any base station (or “base transceiver station”) and any DAS (Distributed Antenna System) headend, and its performance results in tremendous cost and space savings over alternative remote connectivity solutions, including CPRI-to-Remote Radio Head approaches. This is why, in recent times, Optical Zonu’s Fiber Transport has been deployed in every U.S. carrier’s network and why it is quickly becoming recognized as the preferred solution, as demonstrated by its recent approval by another major U.S. carrier.

In the last year alone, our Fiber Transport solution has been deployed in numerous premier venues. At the Phoenix Convention Center, our solution connects 18 MIMO sectors between multiple carriers, and it does so at a fraction of the cost and rack space of alternatives. At Dulles Airport (Washington, DC), Optical Zonu fiber transport significantly upgraded that system’s capacity for multiple carriers with no new fiber needed. Similarly, at Charlotte Airport, our fiber transport upgraded system capacity, for several carriers, without the need for new fiber. And at Edward Jones Dome (St. Louis, MO), OZC’s fiber transport permitted acompact interconnection for 9 MIMO and 6 SISO sectors which can easily be scaled to 30 MIMO sectors at a later date.

“Add to this another major carrier’s approval of our fiber transport solution, and it is clear Optical Zonu has reached an important milestone,” says Gary Grimes, Director of RF over Fiber Sales. “Our Fiber Transport provides carriers with a most cost-effective, low footprint connectivity solution that is extremely easy to deploy and maintain and is still universal – not being tied to any particular base station or DAS product.”

We invite you to contact Optical Zonu with your project requirements and compare our BTS-DAS solution to any other. We offer full IBWave and design proposal support, as well as onsite assistance. Our designs and engineering offer short turnaround time, cost-effectiveness, and reliability that’s been deployed across commercial markets, as well as in U.S. military and Intelligence applications. Optical Zonu has long been U.S. carriers’ premier supplier of GPS fiber connectivity solutions, and now we’re fast becoming the premier supplier of DAS fiber transport solutions, too.