Cost-Effective GPS Distribution Over Fiber GPS Fiber Transport Optimized for C-RAN

Cost-Effective GPS Distribution Over Fiber GPS Fiber Transport Optimized for C-RAN

Los Angeles – June, 2018 – Optical Zonu Corp, a US carrier-approved supplier of RF-Over-Fiber transport solutions and fiber monitored digital transport, has released a version of their GPS Fiber Transport specifically designed for providing the GPS connectivity for C-RAN hubs. This feature now offers 8 and 16 outputs with optional auto-switchover redundancy.  The new versions minimize the hardware needed for GPS distribution while ensuring the final connections to the BBUs are still short, lightweight RF jumpers.


According to Gary Grimes, Director of Sales for Optical Zonu’s RF over Fiber division “even with auto-redundancy this solution allows the wireless network engineers to provide all the needed GPS connectivity to their BBUs using lightweight optical fiber instead of heavy coaxial cable – all at a price competitive with legacy active coaxial splitters.”


Optical Zonu’s GPS Fiber Transport has been deployed extensively throughout all wireless networks. This popular solution features a compact design, simplicity of installation and a patented optical alarm reporting which allows carriers the ability to monitor the status of their remote antennas and fiber links by way of their current base station equipment and Network Management System. Unlike other fiber transport solutions, it does this without the need for a dedicated SNMP link to some browser-based application, thereby offering carriers a truly seamless, “drop in” solution for both GPS-fiber-transport and antenna failure monitoring.  


“This is a real improvement on our recently patented technology, it demonstrates that our technology team is always forward looking so we can consistently innovate, develop and offer cutting edge industry solutions” said Meir Bartur, CEO of Optical Zonu.



  • Supports all GPS frequencies internationally
  • Rugged Fiber Transmitter for indoor or outdoor mounting
  • Full redundancy – dual transports from antenna to receiver with automatic switchover after ANY single point of failure
  • Each system supports one or two GPS antenna paths
  • Supports high level of optical and RF splitting for easy, cost-effective routing of GPS for C-RAN hubs and base station hotels
  • Operates on backed up base station power or dual AC power supplies
  • Simple to install – no adjustments, no software


About Optical Zonu: Founded in 2001, Optical Zonu manufacturers a range of digital and analog RF-Over-Fiber products for commercial and government wired and wireless networks, satellite and telemetry/tracking earth stations, broadcast and Public Safety networks. The company’s fast track product development ensures on time delivery of reliable, cost-effective standard product as well as custom solutions for our customers’ most pressing needs. We provide full design and bid support along with on-site deployment services. For more information on Optical Zonu’s capabilities, please visit our web site at or call us at 818-780-9701.