AS2-S11-S-GE-5 Media Converter – Q&A

 AS2-S11-S-GE-5 Media Converter

Here is a question that we often receive from prospective new Customers of the Micro-OTDR:

“I want to have the benefit of the Micro-OTDR feature in my network, but cannot afford to replace all of my Switch/Router equipment. How can I add the Micro-OTDR to an installed base of network equipment, which pre-dates, or just does not support the Micro-OTDR feature?”

While we sometimes can suggest “work-around” approaches to adding the Micro-OTDR feature to installed network equipment types which do not offer native Micro-OTDR support, this can become a “messy” exercise because of the differences among the various OEM designs. But do not despair….
OZC has just introduced its new Media Converter with full support for the entire line of Micro-OTDR SFP Transceivers. Whether incorporated throughout the network, or used as a “bolt-on” solution for those particularly troublesome high revenue backbone links and isolated “spurs”, the AS2-S11-S-GE-5 offers a fast, economical way of adding the OZC Fast Fiber Fault Finder™ capability to any existing network.

The AS2-S11-S-GE-5 is a 10/100/1000 Ethernet stand-alone Media Converter which provides cost-effective, media conversion between 10/100/1000Base-T and 1000Base-EX/ZX ports, managed through the OZC Web Interface and MIB Browser (SNMP). It provides support for reading data from iSFC® and iDFC™ Micro-OTDR SFP Modules. The iSFC® Transceivers transmit and receive at the same wavelength, allowing the doubling of the optical fiber plant capacity.
Upon disruption of the data link, or failure to connect, the SFP switches into Micro-OTDR Mode, emitting optical power pulses of more than +13 dBm and detecting the reflected pulses at least down to -42 dBm optical power.

For those users of the OZC DAS Transport family of products, the AS2-S11-S-GE-5 Media Converter also can act as a USB Hub for monitoring up to sixty-four (64) of the Zonu-Connect™ Chassis.
So, no matter what network equipment you might have as your installed base, the AS2-S11-S-GE-5 Media Converter gives you the ability to quickly, and easily, add the Micro-OTDR to your system. The Micro-OTDR eliminates the detection time component of the costs associated with the mean time to recovery from a network fault, slashing your OpEx, at minimal incremental CapEx.