GbE/FE Switch with OTDR Support

Gbe-FE-switch(iSFC)transparent2The AS2-0806-GE isn’t just a standard, high-performing 8-port Gigabit L2 Plus Managed Switch, but its a switch whose firmware supports the fault detection and location readings of our innovative iSFC (SFP) transceivers with built-in fault-finding micro OTDR. This thereby helps organizations reduce their OpEx (Operating Expenditures).

This switch includes 6-Port 100/1000 Mbps SFP and 2-Port Combo Gigabit TP/SFP fiber optic dual media management interfaces. It can be managed through its RS-232 serial port or through its Ethernet port using CLI or Web-based management units, associated with its SNMP agent. This SNMP agent also helps administrators monitor, configure and control each port’s activity in a user-friendly way. More features and benefits are below…

Major Features and Benefits:

  • SNMP support for Optical Zonu’s iSFC transceivers with built-in micro OTDR (uOTDR™) for fast fault detection and location. Reduce MTTR (Mean-Time-To-Recovery or Repair) while saving thousands or millions of dollars in OpEx.
  • Support four different traffic classifications with a QoS (Quality Of Service) Control List (QCL) that includes four internal queues.

  • Port mirroring for unobstructive monitoring.
  • Q-in-Q VLAN for performance and security (provision, upgrade via FW).

More Details:

Technical OverviewMore BenefitsDatasheets
  • 8-Port FE/GbE SFP fiber optic switch
  • 9 KB jumbo frame support
  • 4094 VLAN entries supported
  • IEEE 802.1d Compatible, 802.1w RapidSpanning Tree and 802.1s Multiple Spanning Tree
  • Unknown Unicast/Broadcast/Multicast Storm Control
  • Multicast VLAN management for IPTV
  • IP-MAC-Port binding for LAN security
  • QCL based on application traffic for QoS and rate limitation management
  • ACL based on Ethernet Type / ARP / IPv4 for packets permit or deny, rate limitation and port copy
  • DHCP Snooping (Including DHCP Option 82)
  • SSL/ SSH for management (prevision, upgrade via FW)
  • TACACS+ for management authentication (prevision, upgrade via FW)
  • IEEE 802.1x Access Control improves network security
  • Port Mirroring helps supervisor monitor network
  • Q-in-Q (Double-Tag) VLAN for performance & security (provision, upgrade via FW)
  • Auto detect client idle or cable length for power saving