Below, you’ll find a selection of technical and economic papers detailing our iSFC technologies and their commercial impact. If you have any questions on any document below, please contact us.

pdf Localized Monitoring and Reporting of Your Fiber Optic Network Status

White paper by DPS Remote Monitoring & Control

Abstract: More and more companies are using fiber these days, but aren’t taking the necessary precautions to avoid costly outages. The key to avoiding outages caused by fiber faults is early detection. With advanced notification of broken links and faults, you’ll instantly get the upper hand in preventing outages. How does this fiber fault detection technology work? This White Paper will explain.


pdf Gigabit SFP Transceiver with Integrated Optical Time Domain Reflectometer for Ethernet Access Services

By BT Research & Innovation (Neil Parkin & Derek Nesset) and Optical Zonu (Meir Bartur & David Jenkins)

Abstract: An SFP transceiver with integrated OTDR is used with a commercial Ethernet network termination unit and the OTDR functionality evaluated. We show length measurement readings within 90 m of those obtained from a dedicated commercial OTDR tester. The use of OTDR can reduce network downtime by quick reliable location of faults.


pdf Automatic Detection of Optical “Faults” in Communications Networks: An Efficient, Fast, Physical Layer Monitoring Approach for Access Networks

By Meir Bartur (Optical Zonu Corp.)

Abstract: An efficient, fast, Physical Layer monitoring approach is needed to instantaneously identify, locate and report (via SNMP) optical fiber cuts, breaks or other faults (open or dirty optical connectors) in the optical fiber cable plant.


pdf Ethernet Demarcation Devices with Built-in OTDR for Fibre Fault-Finding

White paper by Metrodata (UK) (jump to relevant product)

Abstract: Telecoms Carriers and Service Providers use Managed Ethernet Demarcation Devices (EDDs) to provide full end-to-end visibility and control of their Layer-2 infrastructure. Advanced EDDs incorporate test-traffic generation and protocols such as ITU-T Y.1731 to monitor key service-level characteristics such as Frame Loss, Latency and Jitter. Now, it is possible to incorporate fibre integrity checking and fault-reporting to such devices. Specifically, Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) functionality, integrated directly into EDD fibre interfaces, provides a cost-effective solution to Carriers for fibre fault determination and localisation, reducing costs and time-to-repair for customer services.