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DirecTV_Web_Pictures_3Satellite TV LNB optical transmitter and receiver systems from Optical Zonu provide long distance links between satellite dish antennas and multiswitch or receiver equipment.   The transmitters are compact outdoor units in a weatherproof IP-67 rated enclosure.  The standard configuration provides support for two LNB polarities, with an optional configuration that can provide up to four coax inputs.  Each coax input can be configured to provide any DC voltage over coax to power the LNB and set the polarity (such as 13 or 18 VDC).  The outdoor transmitters are powered by +12 VDC through a locking type waterproof connector.  The fiber connector is also protected by a waterproof boot from Senko, and can be either SC or LC type connector.  The transmitters are designed to be installed in harsh environments and are tested to operate in a temperature range of -40 to +50 ºC.

The optical receivers rack mount systems designed to be mounted indoors next to satellite receiver or multiswitch equipment.  The receiver can be either a modular J-Chassis type system, or an OZ9000 type fixed form unit.  The J-Chassis platform provides support for many advanced features and options.  A front panel USB port allows for remote monitoring and configuration all the components in the system.  Virtually every parameter can be displayed on a computer running the Optical Zonu software.  Easy to read LEDs on each card indicate if an optical link exists from the transmitter units.  Other options include intelligent redundant power supplies and support for any other J-Series card system.  Satellite TV over fiber links can be ordered to support any number of channels on one or more fibers.  The flexibility of configuration with Optical Zonu systems allows customers to order the exact configuration that they need, rather than having to mix and match off the shelf components.

Satellite TV fiber extenders can be ordered to support any service provider such as DirecTV® or Dish® Network.  These links can be used with fiber cables up to several miles long, allowing satellite TV antennas to be installed anywhere.  This allows satellite dishes to be installed out of view or in more practical locations.  Satellite fiber links are also useful for distribution systems in large buildings or hotels.  By overcoming the distance limitations of coax equipment rooms can be located in more convenient locations, such as basements.  Optical Zonu can provide custom fiber link equipment to replace any type of coax cable connection.  In addition to LNB extenders, ready solutions exist to extend multiswitch or SWM outputs over fiber.  This allows a single wire multiswitch (SWM) to be connected with an Integrated Receiver Decoder (IRD) unit over singlemode fiber cable.