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New Approach to Optical Fiber Fault Monitoring – SFP and SFP+ Transceivers with built-in automatic OTDR feature.

Why is detection of the far side reflection (up to 130 Km away) beneficial?  Because you want to “see” all the way to the remote transceiver on Access and Optical Supervisory Channel (OSC) Links.

Detecting a reflection from an unpowered remote transceiver will:

  • Confirm power outage or other equipment problem at remote end of Link.
  • On installation, allow capture of baseline Link distance for network database.
  • Provide security insight, if the measured Link distance varies from baseline.

At installation the Micro-OTDR™ is used to record baseline Link distance. What are the Benefits for the Network Operator?

  • With Micro-OTDR™ at both ends of the Link, there is virtually no “blind spot”.
  • All faults are detectable with high probability over the entire Link span.
  • Data generated supports a “network map” to depict fault location in real time.
  • Support for better SLAs which offer competitive advantage.

Operation Modes and Location – The Micro-OTDR™ may be operated in different ways:

  • Fully Automatic with Data Transport – Recommended.
  • Manually Controlled – Network Operator chooses when to run the Micro-OTDR™.
  • Monitoring-Only Full Time – Micro-OTDR™ runs repeatedly on CWDM or 1625 nm Channel.