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Optical Zonu’s RF over Fiber product line contains multiple modular units that are designed to integrate easily with your application. Each of our modules is part of a pair that consists of individual Transmitter (Tx) and Receiver (Rx) units. This pair creates one way, unidirectional RF to Optical and Optical to RF links. Standard operational frequency ranges between 47 MHz and 3 GHz but it can be extended to from 10 KHz to 3.3 GHz. OZ516 has an ultra-broadband capability that ranges from 47MHz to 6 GHz.

Smallest of our modules is OZ100, measuring only 0.7×0.3×2 inches (WxHxL), which has built-in digital control via a micro USB connector and I²C capability. RF impedeance is via 50 Ohm SSMB and the standard optical connectors are SC/APC or FC/APC. It consumes very little power and runs on +5 Volts DC but is also capable of taking power as low as +4.2 Volts DC.

OZ450, OZ510 and OZ516 modules measure approximately 1.5×0.45×2.5 (WxHxL) inches each having a 10-pin connector mounted on the board for alarms that monitors input and output optical power of the Tx and Rx. RF impedance is via 50 Ohm SMA connector but optional 75 Ohm SMB is also avaiable, making these modules PCB pluggable.   The required power source is +12 Volts DC supplied via a 10-pin connector. Optical connection is via SC/APC or FC/ACP connectors.

Additional options for Optical Zonu’s RF over Fiber modules include built-in LNA for Tx that provides an additional 16-20 dB link gain, up to 8 different CWDM wavelengths for applications that require carrying multiple RF channels over single fiber, external WDM Mux/Dmux to create bi-directional link using a single fiber, multimode fiber compatability, and Bias-T for powering external equipment such as a GPS antenna.