Public Safety Wireless Fiber Transport System

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Optical Zonu’s offers a wide range of RF over Fiber transport solutions for Public Safety and Private Radio wireless networks. The Antenna Extender provides a drop-in RF over Fiber connection between an off-air antenna and bi-directional antenna (BDA) for 700/800 MHz networks when coaxial cable is impractical. Optical Zonu’s transport components and systems cover all bands from 30 kHz to 2700 MHz and beyond. We provide custom, complete point-to-point and distributed systems for Public Safety and Specialized Radio wireless in-house and in co-operation with our industry partners.

There are numerous Public Safety and Private Radio DAS and RF Booster products that can provide two-way radio service coverage for indoor or blocked locations over coax – so making an efficient connection from the base station to those components can be problematic. Utilization of RF over fiber optic enable flexible cost-effective modality for improved systems. The OZC9600 Fiber Interfacility Link provides an easy-to-install, robust connection for one or multiple locations and for multiple channels. The system supports VHF, UHF, 700 MHz and 800 MHz and handles the wide range of uplink RF signal power levels that can be encountered from 1/2W portables to 30W mobiles.

Since combining and extracting multiple, closely-spaced channels is difficult and costly, especially at UHF and VHF, the OZ9600 provides dedicated RF connections for each channel at both ends of the link. The optical connections for each channel are dedicated on a single fiber using WDM (wave division multiplexing). This is a perfect solution for Wireless DAS transport, remote DAS and Private Radio DAS systems.


  • Transparent Operation: The OZ9600 features 0 dB loss and high dynamic range that ensures transparent operation for distances of 500 feet or 5 miles.
  • Flexible Deployment Options: The OZ9600 can be configured so as to minimize the equipment needed for large systems with few available optical fibers, limited space and multiple locations.
  • Reliability: Optical Zonu has a large installed base of fiber optic systems with a very high record of reliability.
  • Cost-effectiveness: the system is priced to fit the budget. The efficient architecture minimizes the amount of hardware required and simple installation ensures a minimum cost of labor.
  • Availability: Optical Zonu’s short lead times accommodate urgent projects, fast replacements, and quick turnaround on system upgrades.