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Optical Zonu’s CWDM Multiple RF over Fiber Optics and GbE Data Link includes 4 bidirectional RF Analog Links (4Tx and 4 RX), one External Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) Data Channel via Optical Port , with integrated CWDM Mux/Dmux, and optical fiber management. This highly robust, Inter-Facility Link (IFL) allows you to connect two locations with only a solitary strand of single mode optical fiber, capable of transporting up to 4 independent RF Analog Channels and 1 GbE Data Channel, all Full Duplex. Each individual RF Channel has a standard bandwidth of 30 MHz to 3GHz, with an optional extended bandwidth of 1MHz to 6GHz. Our expert know-how in RF and Fiber Optics, in conjunction with our internally developed, proprietary Single Fiber, Full Duplex, CWDM SFP (SFC) Technology, allows us to develop this particular link. It is an ideal, cost-effective solution for “Fiber Starved” environments, or cases where working with multiple coaxial cables is impractical. The other unique feature of SFC Technology is in the case where an optical fiber gets CUT. This unique digital transceiver will become a Micro-OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer), instantly informing the system operator where the optical fiber is CUT. This enables the service provider to quickly find the fault and repair the problem, avoiding any further delay in restoring service to their end user.

Transporting RF signals over fiber optic cable has distinct advantages over using coax cable particularly for longer distances. Coax cable has a significant amount of signal loss over longer cable runs limiting its application for long distance links. High quality low-loss coax is very bulky and expensive. Coax cable often has a large diameter, making it very inflexible and difficult to manipulate. Optical fiber supports very long cable distances, up to 10 Km or more, with minimal signal loss and degradation. Optical fiber operates by transmitting light along a dielectric glass fiber, rather than electrical signals over copper wires. This provides a highly secure tamper-proof medium for signal transfer, minimizing security risks and unauthorized signal interception concerns. Light is also unaffected by electro-magnetic interference, allowing signals to be transmitted unaffected through electrically noisy environments.

Optical Zonu’s CWDM Multi RFoF and GbE Data Channel Link is housed in a fixed configuration of EIA 310-D Standard 19 inch 1U rack mounts. The Link is capable of providing long or short distance uplink/downlink solutions that may be achieved using our cost effective isolated CWDM DFB Lasers while more demanding long distance or multi-carrier CWDM applications may be met using our wide dynamic range cooled DFB Lasers – delivering excellent signal quality under varying conditions.