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Optical Zonu offers a wide range of components and module that enable customers to build their own GPS timing distribution using existing building blocks.

Optical Zonu offerings

  • Any module can be utilized for GPS timing transport Link
  • Customizable 1U units can offer a high-density specialized solution Link
  • Components from the Carrier grade GPS Timing distribution can be used to offer outdoor solutions Link
    Contact the factory for guidance is selection and optimizing a solution to fit your requirements cost effectively.

Optical fiber provides a cost-effective solution for long coaxial cable runs in GPS timing distribution systems. The Optical Zonu GPS over Fiber Optics System allows signals to be carried from an antenna to a GPS receiver with minimal signal degradation over a non-conducting dielectric glass media. This system provides a completely transparent cross-site connection between an antenna and receiver. As is the case in many types of in-building environments, networks require accurate clock synchronization. By utilizing broadband RF linear (analog) over Fiber Optics (RFoF) Technology, Optical Zonu GPS over Fiber Optics Links provide easy to operate, low cost and reliable solutions that enable GPS signal distribution using fiber optic cable.

The broad bandwidth (20 MHz to 3.0 GHz) of the RFoF transceivers used in our GPS over Fiber Optics Link allows transmission of the two main signals in the GPS band, L1 and L2, at 1575.42 MHz and 1227.6 MHz respectively. This GPS over Fiber Link is designed to offer a low noise figure by integrating a built-in LNA with Lasers featuring low Relative intensity Noise (RIN) and low loss broadband matching, in order to optimize the Link performance. Optical Zonu’s GPS RFoF Link consists of stand-alone analog (linear) transmitter and receiver units. Patented antenna status and fiber monitoring can be implemented similarly to the carrier grade solution.

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