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iridium_mainThe Iridium satellite network provides voice and data service to the entire planet. However phones and network equipment will not function unless the antennas have a clear view of the sky. The Optical Zonu Iridium fiber extender system allows this equipment to function indoors, regardless of the distance from an outdoor antenna.

These systems are perfect for difficult installations such as bunkers, large buildings, and large vessels. RF over fiber systems can function for several miles when used with singlemode cable, and provide a transparent link for Iridium communication equipment. Once the signal is transported across the fiber link, it can be rebroadcast through indoor antennas or connected directly to Iridium receivers.

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Featured Iridium over Fiber Products (click to view)

Carrier Networks
Custom Configurations
J-Series Modular System: Iridium Link/Extender Kit>>
This is a subsystem link to use in our modular/customizable J-Series chassis for mixed services applications.
Developers / Single-Link Operators
OZ600-300x225 Standalone Modules >>
These are compact, cost-effective Iridium-over-fiber link for small sites and developers or for replacement of the “indoor” transceiver to our Iridium extender kit.
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More about Optical Zonu’s Iridium over Fiber Links

Optical Zonu’s GPS over fiber links are designed with the demands of XYZ in mind, …and generally, here’s why you should choose our brand of Iridium solutions over anyone else’s.

  • Point One (relevant to target market): To be determined.
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