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Optical Zonu’s wide array of products offer a capability to distribute UHF & VHF Radio Frequency (RF) signals over single mode or multimode fiber optic cable for various distances. These signals are the backbone of public safety communication systems. Cellular, two-way radio and satellite signals are transmitted through the airways at a certain Radio Frequency (RF) and power level. However, many congested city locations, underground tunnels and public transportation hubs, high rise buildings, and large venues receive very poor signal coverage, or sometimes none at all. It is vital to have enhanced or good signal coverage for such locales and Optical Zonu’s products enable system integrators and designers to transport RF signals over fiber optic cable to designated locations without using excessive RF power and with almost no interference.

Transporting RF signals over fiber optic cable offers significant advantages compared to coax cable, particularly for longer distances. Coax cable has a significant amount of signal loss over longer cable runs, limiting its application for long distance links. High quality, low-loss coax can be very bulky and expensive. Coax cable often has a large diameter, making it very inflexible and difficult to manipulate. Optical fiber supports very long cable distances, up to 10 Km or more, with minimal signal loss and degradation. Optical fiber operates by transmitting light along a dielectric glass fiber, rather than electrical signals over copper wires. This provides a highly secure tamper-proof medium for signal transfer, minimizing security risks and unauthorized signal interception concerns. Light is also unaffected by electro-magnetic interference, allowing signals to be transmitted unaffected through electrically noisy environments.

Optical Zonu’s broadband RF over Fiber Optics products are suitable for transporting UHF and VHF signals over optical fiber. Our fiber optic Inter-facility Links (IFL), available in various form factors, are capable of providing long or short distance uplink/downlink solutions that may be achieved using our cost effective isolated Fabry Perot Lasers, while professional and more demanding long distance or multi-carrier CWDM applications may be met using our wide dynamic range, regular or cooled DFB Lasers – delivering excellent signal quality under demanding conditions.