While the requirement for high capacity and high-density fiber links increase, equipment space (real estate value) becomes more and more of a premium.  The J4 module in conjunction with OZC’s J84 plug-in tray interfaces with OZC’s J-Series rack-mountable chassis.  This solution offers a total of 20 modules that can be housed in a front loaded only, 1U chassis or 32 modules in a 1U dual side chassis with fully redundant power supplies. Web, GUI and SNMP / Ethernet full remote monitoring is also available.

Up to four J4 modules can also be offered in a single J84 tray, that will support monitoring and integration with a management slot.

The J4 Module is a rugged and self-contained RF over Fiber transceiver family, that can be either a Tx or an Rx with 3 grades 3GHz, 4GHz and 6GHz or 20dB link gain.

  • The J4 module has very small form factor
  • J84 Tray used with the existing J-Chassis series accommodates four J4 modules thus offering the highest RFoF density in the market to date – 16 Links (Tx and Rx pairs) in 1U 5-Slot J- Chassis (32 individual J4) with Redundant Power Supplies
    • Up to 32 links in 1u front and back loaded chassis using 10-Slot J-Chassis – AJ3-J10R-2PF with Redundant Power Supplies
    • 12 Links in 1u 5-Slot J- Chassis – AJ3-J05R-2PF with Redundant Power Supplies or 20 Links in 1u front loaded using 10-Slot J- Chassis – AJ3-J10R-2PF with Redundant Power Supplies
    • 4 Links in in Desk-Top J-Chassis — AJ3-010-12 with Single External Power Supply
  • Hot Swappable – field replacement. Each J4 module in the J4-Tray is individually hot swappable
  • J4 module can be 1310 nm, 1550 nm or CWDM capable
  • Includes a 50-ohm SMA RF and LC/APC interface
  • J4 Module has Operating temp range from -20C to +65C
  • J4 Module has +5v USB compatible interface
    • Module can be optioned for a +3.3V operating voltage
  • When J4 module is inserted into the J4-Tray and used in the J-Series Chassis status can be viewed via Ethernet/SNMP or Lab-View
  • uOTDR for fiber failure localization is available with the above-mentioned management switch (link) 

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